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Blackpool Boys & Girls Club, established for over 80 years (since 1935), offers services to young people in the most deprived areas of Blackpool. Our youth work employs various methodologies to identify individual and community needs. We operate six evenings a week, providing youth programs for young people aged 8-25 years. Our fully inclusive club is open to all and follows a non-uniform approach. We organise sports activities, art projects, community events, and regular health initiatives.

How we do it...

To provide our services, we establish a safe, dynamic, and innovative environment within our youth clubs. As we engage in activities at the clubs, our goal is to earn the trust of young people, allowing us to build positive relationships that counteract any external negative influences they may face. By enhancing social and emotional skills and equipping them with tools for active participation, we strive for positive outcomes. It’s important to recognise that young people’s leisure activities significantly impact their future, and evidence suggests that positive experiences can foster resilience against negative influences.

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Our clubs unite young people from diverse backgrounds, offering a variety of positive activities and opportunities. Through these programs, young individuals can connect with positive adult role models. We specifically engage with ‘hard-to-reach’ youth, providing them with chances to enhance their lives. Our offerings include confidence-building through personal training and accreditation, as well as encouraging community involvement and volunteering within the club.

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Looking for a place to connect, have fun, and make new friends? Join the Blackpool Boys and Girls Club at Mereside! We’ve got exciting activities, awesome events, and a welcoming community waiting just for you. Come on in!

Ready to explore, learn, and create memories? The Blackpool Boys and Girls Club is where it’s at! From sports to arts, we’ve got something for everyone. Join us at Talbot & Brunswick – your next adventure starts here.

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