Talbot & Brunswick

Trips and exploring.

Members of the Blackpool Boys and Girls Club at Talbot & Brunswick love to embark on exciting adventures exploring their local community and the surrounding areas. From sports activities to arts and cultural experiences, they create lasting memories while learning and having fun together. Recently, they’ve enjoyed ice skating trips, activity days at Forest Hills, Heritage trails and nature themed trips to Stanley Park. The upcoming state-of-the-art center on Gorton Street will provide an even larger space for young people, fostering community engagement and reducing anti-social behavior in the area.

Snack time.

At the Blackpool Boys and Girls Club Talbot & Brunswick, food is a cherished part of every session. Members gather to enjoy snacks together, and pasta dishes hold a special place in their hearts. Among these, Lee’s homemade Mac and Cheese has emerged as the ultimate favorite—a creamy, cheesy delight that brings smiles to everyone’s faces.

Arts, Crafts & Drama

The members of the Blackpool Boys and Girls Club at Talbot & Brunswick absolutely adore their art and crafts sessions. These creative workshops provide a safe space for young people to explore their artistic talents. Interestingly, the educational activities woven into these sessions are so engaging that the participants often don’t even realise they’re learning. Additionally, the Drama sessions offer a wonderful opportunity for young individuals to express themselves freely within a secure environment. Whether they’re acting out scenes, improvising, or simply letting their emotions flow, Drama provides an outlet for self-expression and personal growth.

Young People Annually
Young People Annually
Young People Annually

Looking for a place to connect, have fun, and make new friends? Join the Blackpool Boys and Girls Club at Mereside! We’ve got exciting activities, awesome events, and a welcoming community waiting just for you. Come on in!

Ready to explore, learn, and create memories? The Blackpool Boys and Girls Club is where it’s at! From sports to arts, we’ve got something for everyone. Join us at Talbot & Brunswick – your next adventure starts here..

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