We are experts at creating a relaxed atmosphere, building relationships and learning life skills...

Mereside offers a safe haven where young people can unwind, away from the challenges of their daily lives. The club’s welcoming environment encourages curiosity and exploration. Whether it’s through informal chats, shared meals, or creative activities, they foster an atmosphere where learning happens naturally.
We understand that strong relationships are key to learning. Youth workers engage with empathy, forming connections that go beyond textbooks. These bonds provide emotional support, boost confidence, and create a sense of belonging. When young people feel valued, they’re more open to absorbing knowledge.
Beyond traditional academics, we focus on practical life skills to equip young members with essential tools for adulthood. By seamlessly integrating these skills into fun activities, they empower youth to thrive despite the challenges of deprivation. It’s all about nurturing resilient, well-rounded individuals who can navigate life’s complexities. Our approach ensures that learning becomes a lifelong adventure.

Sports, Arts & Crats.....

The Blackpool Boys and Girls Club Mereside is a vibrant hub for young people, offering a range of exciting activities. On the sports front, they’re all about dodgeball, pool table battles, intense table tennis matches, and friendly football kickabouts. But that’s not all! Their art projects are equally awesome: think clay creations, painting positive pebbles, captivating photography projects, and relaxing coloring-in sessions. Whether you’re into sports or arts, there’s something for everyone at Mereside!

Cooking & Baking...

Mereside hosts fantastic cooking sessions for young people, and here’s why they matter: Cooking sessions provide a unique blend of creativity, skill-building, and community engagement. As young participants chop, stir, and experiment with ingredients, they not only learn practical cooking techniques but also develop essential life skills. From mastering basic recipes to exploring diverse cuisines, these sessions empower youth to become more self-sufficient and confident in the kitchen. But it’s not just about food! Cooking sessions foster teamwork, communication, and a sense of accomplishment. As young chefs collaborate on recipes, they build connections with their peers and mentors. Plus, sharing meals they’ve prepared together creates a warm and inclusive atmosphere. The benefits are abundant: improved nutrition awareness, enhanced problem-solving abilities, and a boost in self-esteem. Young people leave these sessions with more than just culinary knowledge; they gain a taste for lifelong learning and a dash of culinary joy

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Looking for a place to connect, have fun, and make new friends? Join the Blackpool Boys and Girls Club at Mereside! We’ve got exciting activities, awesome events, and a welcoming community waiting just for you. Come on in!

Ready to explore, learn, and create memories? The Blackpool Boys and Girls Club is where it’s at! From sports to arts, we’ve got something for everyone. Join us at Talbot & Brunswick – your next adventure starts here..

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